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TJ100 Turbojet Engine

TJ100 was designed for propulsion of manned and unmanned aircraft.  Development began in 2002 and a prototype was developed and successfully tested in a pressure chamber.  The test where positive and the engine went into production.  There are over 150 engines currently flying in various different configurations.  The TJ100 engine is also flying in the U.S.A. on a manned Salto sailplane that premiered in EAA AirVenture 2009. 

The current engine has these specifications.

TJ100 Engine Parameters:

Maximum thrust 247 lbf 1100 n
Specific fuel consumption 1.09 lbs/lbf/h 1.09 kg/dan/h
Electrical power output (28 v) 750 w
Engine diameter 10.7 in 272 mm
Engine length 24.6 625 mm
Weight dry (with accessories) 45.4 lbs 20.6 kg
Fuel Jet A,A1,JP5,JP8
Oil 3cST or 5cST
Maximum operating ceiling 26,246 ft 8000 m
Maximum operating speed <0.8 Mach
Engine restart ceiling 13,123 ft 4000 m
Maximum restart speed <0.4 Mach

                              *SFC - Standard atmospheric conditions

TJ 100 is a single shaft engine with a single stage compressor, combustion chamber, a single stage axial turbine and a stationary exhaust jet.  The inlet area has a starter generator with "no brush requirements" and provides the engine start.  

Intake air is compressed by radial compressor.  The passes through radial and axial diffusers into the combustion chamber.  Fuel nozzles spray fuel and the expanded gases pass thru the single stage axial turbine.  They are then expelled from the exhaust nozzle.

    Oil:  Mobil Jet Oil II or Aeroshell Turbine Oil 390
Fuel:  Aviation Jet FuelT

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