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The  Lancair IV/P Kit

We pride ourselves in providing you a kit that is faster, carries more fuel, has a better fuel system, and is aerodynamically efficient. Our kit displays only quality workmanship, superior engineering and is cost competitive.  Below are the items currently available in our kit.  If you have special needs please contact us so we may help you.

Sample Conversions to look at and answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.

Cowlings & Air Tunnels

Both are designed for aerodynamical efficiency and recover pressure at high speed to maximize the airplanes efficiency.  We use standard industry 20 oz. heavy woven carbon cloth and high quality resins for these parts.

Firewall Cutout

The firewall cutout is designed to fit the Walter 601 engine which penetrates the firewall.  It is deep enough to allow starter generator removal while the engine is installed.

Header Tank

Luggage Compartment Tank

Fuel Pump

The header tank is designed to continuously pass fuel back into the tank you are drawing from and therefore eliminate potential air build up.  It has a build in fuel filter, fuel pressure gage, and low fuel indicator.

This tank expands your fuel capacity by 25 gallons.

Our fuel pump has proper volume and pressure.

Engine Mount

The mount is build from 4130 chrome alloy steel tubing, build on a fixture for accuracy, stress relieved, and treated to prohibit rust.  It also compensates for the p-factor by angling 1.5 degree down and 1.5 degree to the right. Flowpack
Our unique design is comparatively more efficient, compact with minimal hoses, and easy to install.
Bleed Air Valve

Can withstand 450 degree Fahrenheit, manual controlled, comes with fittings, gaskets, and mounting screws. Plenum

Incorporates openings for oil cooler, flow pack, and has built in ice doors.

Hardware is included in the kit for your convenience.

For more information and specials contact us.

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